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He was something of a legend, a mysterious 19th Century wanderer who said very little but, despite his scruffy appearance, became a popular figure in the little towns of Connecticut and New York state.On Wednesday he was finally given a decent burial when the contents of his roadside grave were taken to morepeaceful surroundings.A plain pine coffin was yesterday lowered into a newly-dug hole beneath a flagpole on a hillside in a suburban New York cemetery.Scroll down for video Legendary figure: Rare photo provided by The Ossining Historical Society of The Leatherman,Dr Dre Beats monster beats by dr dre cheap sale outlet cheapest sale (15), who from the late 1850s to 1889 roamed the trailways of New York state and ConnecticutThe new marker says simply 'The Leatherman.'The new coffin in Ossining holds dozens of nails from the old coffin and some excavated earth.That's all that was found in the 1889 grave of the nomad who travelled through New York and Connecticut. Tribute to the unknown: Pennies, placed by Dan DeLuca who wrote "The Old Leather Man: Historical Accounts of a Connecticut and New York Legend," lay on a pine casket that contains soil from the former grave the Leatherman at  monster beats canada Wednesday's reburial ceremonyNo visible remains of the Leatherman's body were found in the old grave.Named for his 60lb outfit, the Leatherman made a 365-mile loop through the same towns about every month.He said little and relied on handouts for food, the Associated Press reports.Norman MacDonald,Dr Dre Beats Green, president of the Ossining Historical Society, said: 'We found the grave and we have the organic remains.'The bones were not found. They have disintegrated and became part of the soil upgrade. And we found the coffin nails.'Final resting place: The Rev. Dr. Tim Ives of the Scarborough Presbyterian Church officiates at the serviceThe Ossining Historical Society petitioned Westchester County Supreme Court in October of 2010, asking for permission to exhume the remains of the Leatherman.'The remains of the Decedent after removal will be reburied by Petitioner in a gravesite in the main portion of the cemetery in a safer and more dignified setting,' the petition stated.Mr MacDonald presided over the reburial ceremony this afternoon at the Sparta Cemetery on Wednesday,Beats By Dr Dre Warranty, in a site farther from the edge of the property where the Leatherman was marked as buried.The smoking tramp: Historian and author Dan DeLuca holds a pipe made by The Leatherman, that was found in Woodbury, Connecticut'We were fairly certain  Dr Dre Beats Black Solo that we would find skeletal remains,' he said. 'That turned out not to happen.'The peitition also said the purpose of the exhumation would include 'forensic and genetic testing to be performed on said remains for the purpose of public education on historical and genealogical matters...'Unfortunately, no DNA evidence was recovered at the scene.The Leatherman, it is said, sheltered himself,Beats Sale, summer and winter, outdoors.Don Johnson, a North Haven middle school teacher, recently taught his students the Leatherman's amazing story and pushed to keep the remains where they had been. His class was divided on whether or not to remove the remains.Mr Johnson even launched a Web site 'Leave the Leatherman Alone.'The Rev. Dr. Tim Ives, of the Scarborough Presbyterian Church, officiated at a service.Mr McDonald placed a bouquet on the pine casket during the ceremony.Pennies were also placed on the casket by historian and author Dan DeLuca, who wrote The Old Leather Man: Historical Accounts of a Connecticut and New York Legend.From the late 1850s to 1889, the Leatherman walked continuously through the countryside of Connecticut and New York, completing a circuit of about 350 miles every 34 days.As the story goes, and he dressed all in leather.Final farewel: Tony Godino of Bedford, N.Y. pays  Monster Cable For Beats By Dre his respects with soil at the end of a reburial ceremonyAt a time when streets were thick with tramps, and tramps were only a notch above lepers, the Leatherman became a virtual celebrity.He stood out and as he followed his route between the  Beats By Dre Store Connecticut and Hudson rivers, families came to recognise him, even expect him.David E.  Cheap Beats By Dre Headphones Philips, a retired English professor at Eastern Connecticut State University and author of Connecticut Legends, said: 'He was totally benevolent. He didn't want money, he didn't stay overnight, he needed almost nothing except some food and some tobacco for his pipe. They were glad to contribute that.'Oddity: Photographers and sightseers walk near the reburial site before the ceremony began in Ossining, NYCreature of habit: The Heatherman usual 365-mile loop through Connecticut and New York Map which,Cheap Beats Pro, typically,Custom Beats By Dre Canada, would take him 34 days Historians paint a picture of the Leatherman as something of a sad, lonely figure.He didn't seem to smile as he walked his circuit,Dr Dre Beats Studio Cheap, and he spoke but a few words.Except in rare circumstances, he would not enter a home.He left no definitive record of who he was, where he came from or why he walked all those years.He slept in caves mostly, and subsisted on handout meals.But more than 100 years  Beats By Dre Store after his death in 1889, he remains a favourite topic for grade-school reports and local libraries have Leatherman files bulging with clippings.      View more videos at:

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