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kly put the last few paragraphs Scarlet vines cut it up, then, and That alone offerings along with the deep channel ahead.The more deeply God inflammation cave, the temperature began to more high up, to describe it, which is just near the entrance where Nie Feng is pleasant temperatures in the spring, and come here, but it is extremely hot in summer, and And with the move, the temperature is still on the rise, whereas Nie Feng also found that with the more in-depth, the kind of crimson vines more is more.Walked about thirty minutes, Nie Feng Ming alone with wide eyes on natural cheerful, after the channel is a vast underground space, ground joints cracked, revealing a faint glow of magma, numerous ground seam, this film shines a space of red, rich aura fire department, constantly coming in from the ground at a closer look, then the edge of this vast space, there are a lot of holes, just swept away.At the edge of the front, a magma constantly rolling cheap supra shoes forward, above the magma, with a fire red rock, and rock on top of a whole body burning flame and animals, was sitting on the top eyes closed.One saw the animals, cheap supra shoes uk Nie Feng whole body hairs suddenly stood up, and felt as if the intrusion of outsiders, and that animals will slowly opened his eyes, the fire red eyes, and instantly with offerings that alone red eyes right on, then, that the animals immediately stood up. "Phoenix! ! "I saw that Phoenix, who is not originally a burning flame, but its body that cascading fire red flake, people mbt shoes seem just like a normal flame, strong limbs site into the sky, a king's demeanor suddenly through Bay out.Leader, antlers, horseshoe, oxtail, wolf amount, as described in the legend of that specific form, is indeed no doubt Phoenix. "Hey Hey, yes, I really did not come to the wrong today! "Fire Kirin feel a strong body radiates out pomp, Ming alone suddenly burst endless sneer, "wanted this guy is going to come here should be good 'bathing' plus sleep, before we find it so easy?It seems we have good luck today! ""Kid, you first moved a
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